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Sea Views in Films

10 Best Sea Themed Films to Watch During Lockdown

Lots of people will be missing the sea while they’re stuck at home. By this time of year, many of us would have made at least one trip to the coast. But coronavirus has put a stop to all travel plans. While it’s no substitution for the real thing, there are loads of oce…read more

Sea view sunset

Where to Get The Best Sea Views from Your Living Room

As the lockdown continues, not many of us are going to enjoy sea views in person anytime soon. Unless you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, you’ll have to make do with the views from your window, garden or daily local walk wherever you are. If you’re a regular visit…read more

person enjoying a sea view in Dorset

How Coronavirus Impacts Your Sea View Holiday Booking in 2020

The government has asked us to stay indoors and avoid “unnecessary travel”. But what does this mean for holiday bookings in 2020? Read the latest more