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Where to Find a Holiday By the Sea This Summer

The great british staycation is selling out fast. Space is particularly tight for self-catering accommodation at coastal hotspots around the uk. And now that an extension on the foreign travel ban looks increasingly likely, there will be even more of a squeeze on summer…read more

Staycations in the UK: Can I still book for 2021?

There are so many new terms we have all come to adopt this year from furlough and key worker to pandemic and flattening the curve, we have all had to learn and adapt. Staycations used to mean a day trip within your home county, usually within driving distance away. This…read more

Packing the car for a family holiday with the dog

The Self Catering Accommodation Recovery Roadmap

When can i go on holiday in the uk after lockdown? Boris johnson outlined the government’s roadmap to recovery on 22 february. In his statement, he confirmed key dates for when schools, businesses and communities could return to “normal” after the current lockdown. The …read more

Book ahead for 2021 SSV

Book Your Sea View Holiday Home for Summer 2021 While You Still Can

If there’s one thing we’ve learned this summer, it’s that beach cottages are extremely popular and get snapped up very quickly. This is especially true this year, as a staycation boom has produced unprecedented demand for all types of holiday properties near the sea. In…read more

A message from Josh

"what a strange old time it’s been for us all. We know many of you are ready for a well-deserved getaway... "read more

Sea Views in Films

10 Best Sea Themed Films to Watch During Lockdown

Lots of people will be missing the sea while they’re stuck at home. By this time of year, many of us would have made at least one trip to the coast. But coronavirus has put a stop to all travel plans. While it’s no substitution for the real thing, there are loads of oce…read more

person enjoying a sea view in Dorset

How Coronavirus Impacts Your Sea View Holiday Booking in 2020

The government has asked us to stay indoors and avoid “unnecessary travel”. But what does this mean for holiday bookings in 2020? Read the latest more

8 Bountiful Sea Glass Beaches in Cornwall

Our beaches are scattered with little translucent treasures, but some are more bountiful than others. Here are 8 of the best sea glass beaches in more

5 Tips for Choosing Sea View Holiday Cottages

If you're like me and a fantastic sea view is high on your priority list when looking for a holiday cottage in cornwall or any other coastal destination, then read these five quick tips to ensure that you're not disappointed when you arrive at your more