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Coastal view on the Isle of Man

The Sea View Guide to the Isle of Man

If you’ve ever considered visiting the isle of man for a coastal holiday, now is the ideal time to book your trip. We’ve just added a fantastic collection of sea view properties on the island. Plus, all remaining covid travel restrictions are expected to be lifted at th…read more

Dunnottar Castle on the Aberdeenshire coast

The Guide to Seaside Staycations in Scotland

While dreaming of a relaxing foreign holiday, you might picture white sand beaches with crystal-clear waters, world-class food and picturesque village streets flooded with the sound of music and laughter. But did you know, you can enjoy all these things during a holiday…read more

The Experts on Wales: Our Top 5 Guides

One of our favourite, and your most searched, uk coastal holiday destinations is wonderful wales. We love hearing your feedback, reviews and thoughts on time spent in wales and what you got up to on your visits. If you are heading there or are thinking about booking a s…read more

Barmouth holiday resort in Wales

The Guide to Seaside Staycations in Wales

While a holiday in the med or on the algarve would be nice, travel restrictions are forcing people to look closer to home for their holiday this summer. There are many beautiful places to stay for a holiday all over the uk, but wales is a particularly spectacular settin…read more

Dorset coastline

Top Things to Do in Dorset on Your Next Holiday

Calling to the holidaymakers, the history-buffs, the wilderness-lovers and the adrenaline-seekers, dorset has something for everyone. Home to an array of stunning coastal wonders, ancient monuments embedded into the landscapes and sprawling countryside woven with trails…read more

Boats on estuary in Norfolk

A Guide to Seaside Holidays in Norfolk 2021

There is nothing quite like a holiday in norfolk on england’s east coast to revive the senses and feed the soul. Boasting huge expanses of picturesque countryside, winding rivers, protected nature reserves, lush forests, ancient heathland, and – our favourite bit – over…read more

Walking on the beach in winter

Britain’s 10 Best Beaches for Winter Walks

There is plenty to love about britain’s beaches in winter: crisp, clear days with bright blue skies; large swathes of sand without any footprints; the comfort of snuggling into toasty woolly layers; and, of course, the odd tumultuous storm that whips up a frenzy and pro…read more


A Guide to Seaside Holidays in Devon in 2021

It’s hard to find somewhere that embodies blake’s “green and pleasant land” motif more than devon. From the rugged moorland swathes of dartmoor to the county’s greenery cloaked countryside to the amazing golden sand beaches of the coast, there is truly something for eve…read more

Beach view from cave in Cornwall

A Guide to Coastal Holidays in Cornwall in 2021

Let’s face it: it’s hard to beat cornwall when it comes to world-class ocean views. Lapped on three sides by the sea, this verdant peninsula is home to countless sandy beaches, natural harbours and rocky coves that never fail to leave onlookers tongue-tied in reverent a…read more

Quiet fishing harbour in Cornwall

Where to Stay for a Quieter Seaside Staycation in 2021

We’re all having to try new things at the moment. New ways of working, new ways of eating out and also new ways of holidaying. 2020 was the year of the staycation as people flocked to the coast for a well-earned break. This newfound love for the british seaside meant th…read more