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winter walk on a coastal holiday

The Best UK Winter Holiday Destinations by the Coast

Crashing waves, crunching through autumn leaves and wild windy walks: the uk’s coastline has just as much to offer in winter as in summer. We’ve found scenic seaside destinations that are perfect for beach strolls and sightseeing, with cosy pubs, restaurants and places …read more

Britains Best Seaside Piers

Great British Piers to Visit on Your Next Seaside Holiday

The british seaside is set to make a comeback now that coronavirus restrictions have been eased. Although some foreign travel is now allowed, many people will choose to stay closer to home for their holidays this year. This is a great opportunity to explore the uk’s bea…read more

Cornwall's Buried & Sunken Treasure Map

Swash-buckling pirates burying chests full of gold and jewels might sound straight off the pages of robert louis stevenson’s treasure island but the truth is pirates and their booty hiding practices were very real between the 16th and 18th centuries, and nowhere more so…read more