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How Coronavirus Impacts Your Sea View Holiday Booking in 2020

Coronavirus has taken over our lives in recent weeks. The Government has asked us to stay indoors where possible and avoid all “unnecessary travel”. Unfortunately, this means that the sea view holiday you were looking forward to might be off the cards for the foreseeable future.

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To help you make sense of the current advice and how it applies to coastal holiday home rentals, we’ve put together a series of questions and answers on how Coronavirus affects bookings in 2020.

Should I book a sea view holiday right now?

Like many other cottage holiday companies in the UK, we’ve made the decision to suspend the ability to make bookings for holidays up to June the 4th. We’re monitoring the situation daily and may change this date in response to emerging advice.

What if I’ve booked a holiday home for dates in the next few weeks?

It’s likely that you will need to contact your holiday agency to postpone or cancel your holiday. The Government’s guidance on social distancing in relation to COVID-19 states that people should avoid travelling unless it is absolutely essential. Essential travel, it says, does not include visits to holiday properties. We’ve all been asked to remain in our primary residences while social distancing measures are in place.

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Will I receive a refund for a holiday I can’t take due to Coronavirus?

Most of the agencies and owners we work with are allowing guests to postpone their holidays for future dates where available. Some will offer to rearrange your holiday at no extra cost, while others will charge or refund the difference in price for the alternative dates. If no suitable dates can be found, you may be eligible for a refund under the standard terms of their cancellation policies. Please check the policies of individual agencies and owners, as cancellation terms differ.

Can I claim through my travel insurance for a cancelled holiday booking?

If you took out travel insurance before the Coronavirus outbreak, you may be covered for cancellations that cannot be refunded by the property owner or agency. You will need to check the policy with your insurance company to determine whether you are covered for this kind of cancellation. Any new travel insurance you take out for future dates, if you can get a policy, is unlikely to cover you for Covid-19 related cancellations as insurance companies are now treating this as a ‘known event’.

Sea view of St Michaels Mount in Cornwall

Can I still book a coastal property for the summer holidays?

You can currently book sea view properties on this website for dates after 4th June. We’re still hopeful that restrictions will be partially or fully lifted by the height of the summer. If you are optimistic like us and want to make a booking for summer, we strongly recommend checking the cancellation policy for your individual owner or agency. To see who this is, look for the “You’re Booking With…” section on a property’s profile page.

Double-check the latest travel advice

We’re living through unprecedented times in terms of public health and freedom of movement. As the situation develops, the UK travel advice and social distancing requirements are likely to evolve. Keep a close eye on news channels and Government communications for the latest advice. We’ll also attempt to keep you up to date with any changes via this website, social media and our email newsletter.

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