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Hi, I'm Josh, the founder of Simply Sea Views, and this is my blog. Having grown up in coastal Cornwall, I've come to love every aspect of life by the water. Here, you can follow my adventures, ponderings and share in my general passion for the seaside.

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Aerial view of Tenby in Wales

Top 10 Coastal Properties You Can Book Now for Summer 2021

There has been a race for remaining availability at seaside holiday properties since the government’s recovery roadmap was announced. Space may be tight, but if you’re willing to look around there are some amazing seaside holiday rentals still available for summer 2021.…read more

Family beach holiday UK

Where to Find a Holiday By the Sea This Summer

The great british staycation is selling out fast. Space is particularly tight for self-catering accommodation at coastal hotspots around the uk. And now that an extension on the foreign travel ban looks increasingly likely, there will be even more of a squeeze on summer…read more

Staycations in the UK: Can I still book for 2021?

There are so many new terms we have all come to adopt this year from furlough and key worker to pandemic and flattening the curve, we have all had to learn and adapt. Staycations used to mean a day trip within your home county, usually within driving distance away. This…read more

Packing the car for a family holiday with the dog

The Self Catering Accommodation Recovery Roadmap

When can i go on holiday in the uk after lockdown? Boris johnson outlined the government’s roadmap to recovery on 22 february. In his statement, he confirmed key dates for when schools, businesses and communities could return to “normal” after the current lockdown. The …read more

Beachside holiday home Norfolk

Amazing Sea View Properties That Are Still Available this Summer

This summer looks set to be the busiest ever for staycation holidays in the uk. With continued uncertainty over foreign travel, more and more people are looking closer to home for their summer break this year. Furthermore, the roll-out of the coronavirus vaccine and the…read more

Dorset coastline

Top Things to Do in Dorset on Your Next Holiday

Calling to the holidaymakers, the history-buffs, the wilderness-lovers and the adrenaline-seekers, dorset has something for everyone. Home to an array of stunning coastal wonders, ancient monuments embedded into the landscapes and sprawling countryside woven with trails…read more

St Anthony Lighthouse in Cornwall

Six Superb Socially Distanced Sea View Properties

We’re all going to need a break from the norm when this lockdown ends. While current restrictions prohibit unnecessary travel, we can look forward to the day when we’re allowed to escape our homes for a holiday by the coast. But some of us may still need or want to isol…read more

Boats on estuary in Norfolk

A Guide to Seaside Holidays in Norfolk 2021

There is nothing quite like a holiday in norfolk on england’s east coast to revive the senses and feed the soul. Boasting huge expanses of picturesque countryside, winding rivers, protected nature reserves, lush forests, ancient heathland, and – our favourite bit – over…read more