School Holiday Dates 2024: Looking Forward To Family Holidays By The Sea

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When is the best time to book your break in the school holidays? The simple answer is, as soon as you know the dates your children break up. The school holidays are the busiest, most expensive time to book a holiday, and it’s risky to wait around for those last-minute deals and discounts. Typically, the best accommodation prices are released at the beginning of the season, so the more organised you are to book early, the better deal you’ll seal – and you’ll have more availability to choose from, too.

Save The Date And Book Ahead

Holiday calendar

To give you a hand to get ahead and book favourite destinations like Cornwall, Devon or Wales, we’ve collated the most common school holiday dates across the UK for 2024.

Please note that these may differ from your particular school, so make sure you double-check the dates before you book.

February Half Term 2024
10 – 18 February 2024 for most of the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland
17 – 25 February 2024 for North of England and Scotland

Easter Holidays 2024
29 March – 14 April 2024 for England and Scotland
23 March – 7 April 2024 for Wales and Northern Ireland

May Bank Holiday 2024
4 – 7 May

May Half Term 2024
25 May – 2 June 2024

Summer Holidays 2024
24 July – 3 September 2024 for England and Wales
28 June – 14 August 2024 for Scotland

October Half Term UK
26 October – 3 November 2024 for Wales and England
12 – 22 October 2024 for Scotland

Christmas Holidays 2024
21 December – 5 January 2024

Book Now For The School Holidays 2024

Ideally, you should book as soon as the holiday calendar is released for your particular school to give you a flying start to bag the best coastal accommodation at the best price for next year. 

You can sometimes work your school’s particular dates to your advantage. For example, if your school has a two-week half-term, choose to travel when the rest of the schools are still in the classroom.

It also pays to be organised when booking for a large family or group. So check your dates, rally the relatives and friends, and look forward to your holiday by the beach in 2024. 

Whether you’re looking ahead to the summer holidays, Easter, Christmas or half-term next year, check out our huge range of coastal accommodation and book your beach holiday now. 

Now you know the dates, it’s time to get organised. Want more advice? Read our blog on how to find the best seaside accommodation for the school holidays.

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