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The Experts on Wales: Our Top 5 Guides

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One of our favourite, and your most searched, UK coastal holiday destinations is wonderful Wales. We love hearing your feedback, reviews and thoughts on time spent in Wales and what you got up to on your visits. If you are heading there or are thinking about booking a seaside escape somewhere near the sea in Wales we wanted to share our favourite resources to help get you set for a wonderful holiday . 

1. Visit Wales

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The official and obvious one. But, we feel, imperative in these times. We find this website one of the most helpful when navigating all and any current restrictions as well as being one of the most factually helpful resources on the country. Covering things to do, places to stay and a lot really useful info besides.

2. On the Luce

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We find Lucy’s Blog really helpful for deciding what trips and adventures you may like to book in ahead of setting off. From exploring the Wye Valley to South Wales Road Trips and a trip to Snowdonia amongst some of her Lucy’s guides and reviews it’s a great inspiration to get planning.

3. Explore with Ed

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You can easily get lost in Ed’s Blog on exploring the many villages, walks, mountains of Wales so much so that you may feel like you’re already there! From guides on wandering to more secret scared sites and secluded beaches he takes us off the beaten track as well as some of the obvious spots.

4. Travel with Bender

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We absolutely love Aussie Josh’s step-by-step account of his 30 days adventure around Wales. It’s a gritty road trip account and a whistle stop tour but he makes the most of his Welsh adventure and documents all the important stops and sights he encounters along the way. Also a really great account if castles are your thing.

5. Wonderful Wanderings

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These guys don’t just offer you their guide on planning your Welsh holiday they also offer courses in making the most of your travels by planning ahead. They offer a run down of top places to see and visit as well as key historical facts and a guide to specific areas like Pembrokeshire and St Davids.

We hope these resources will help you to plan your Welsh escape. If you want any more help shoot us an email HERE or take a search through our welsh properties HERE

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